Winter Photos

Owl tell you this, it was a squirrelley winter here in Montana.  I have to thank Sally for telling Cindy, and Cindy for telling me where the bird's nest fungi were.  Marcel turned me on to the Great gray owls a year ago, and I would not have known where to find the Saw-whet owls without Tad's help.  Uschi got me off the couch to go shooting, Nancy made me be nicer to the city deer, Kathy showed me way back when which buttons to push on my camera to get fabulous pictures, and Rachele has made me the most famous Montana wildlife photographer in Northern Italy (I wonder who is the most famous Italian wildlife photographer in Northern Montana?).  Thanks to all.  

In addition to amorous owls, sassy squirrels, harrowing hawks, and darling deer, we have a new photo essay on barred owls with some beautiful photos and a plea for creativity and kindness. 

We've also added seven new birds to our Every Bird page (177 down, 171 to go) including the Long-billed curlew, Saw-whet owl (you could fit five on your hand if they would stick to their own fingers), Lark sparrow, Swamp sparrow, Nashville warbler, and Lesser pot-bellied snicker owl (ok, I made that last one up).  

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