About Us

Welcome to Montana Wildlives!  Montana Wildlives is dedicated to capturing the behavior of the spectacular wildlife in Montana in their natural environments (to the extent to which these environments still exist) in order to highlight their beauty and diversity.  The wild animals populating these pages are sentient beings with an interest in their own well-being and their own continuing existence beyond whatever human purposes they serve.  It is our hope that these photographs could in some small way encourage all of us to be kinder, gentler, more purposeful, and more protective in our treatment of our animal friends.  Prints or other items can be purchased from this site for the cost of production (ordered directly from the printing companies) by clicking on the "Buy" links. 

Once every few months we send an email to our subscriber list with links to the new pages, galleries, photos, and photo essays.  If you would like to be included on that list, please send an email to montanawildlives@outlook.com

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